Toddler disorders scholarly article review

Toddler disorders scholarly article review

Toddler disorders scholarly article review

The study’s aim was to determine the emergence of Autism spectrum disorders in high-risk infants. Early diagnosis is essential so as a child be treated. Most diagnoses are done at the age of four, however; there were signs and developmental observations identified before them by parents hence assisting in early diagnosis.

The study predicts that infants at high risk of Autism disorder have rates of language ailment diminished cognitive abilities, atypical social mannerism. The study was conducted on toddlers who are at risk of Autism such as, those with an older sibling with the disorder and kids diagnosed with a genetic abnormality.

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The research is very essential as its findings create awareness of the disorder; discoveries are made, and it is a source of information. The research also helps to identify the loopholes present while diagnosing autism. The information collected help to inform on the discrepancies and help to develop defined and more appropriate investigation strategies.

The article greatly highlights and creates awareness of Autism disorder. It informs on the risk factors of the disease as well as justifies it through the research.

Zwaigenbaum, L., Thurm, A., Stone, W., Baranek, G., Bryson, S., Iverson, J. & Sigman, M. (2007). studying the emergence of autism spectrum disorders in high-risk infants: methodological and practical issues. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 37(3), 466-480.

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