To my dear and loving husband

To my dear and loving husband

To my dear and loving husband

Anne Bradstreet was among the first women to publish poems. She was from a good family, and she was educated something that was rare in the 17th century. In her poem, To My Dear and Loving Husband, she expressed the love she had for her husband. Her husband was very important to her, and he was above the wealth she had. She praises her husband in the poem and request heaven to reward him for his love.

The poem is in line with cultural norms of the 17th century.  It represents the way in which people upheld marriage where adultery was condemned. It also depicts the motherhood and housewife role that was meant for women in the society. However, the poem goes against the expectation of women to be reserved and conservative.

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In conclusion, the poem agrees with the norms of the 17th century. It agrees with the central role that marriage played in the society. It also agrees with position of a woman in marriage. However, the poem goes against the norms of women being conservative and not expressing themselves in public.

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