To Autumn

To Autumn

To Autumn

To Autumn is a poem by John Keats. The persona in this poem talks about the autumn and its profusion in which the sun and the autumn ripen fruits and provoke the belated flowers to flourish. There are different types of imagery in Keats’ to autumn all depicting certain types of sensory appeal. These includes; visual imagery, auditory imagery, tactile imagery, and gustatory imagery. Keats features many types of imagery with each stanza depicting different types of imagery and different times of day and periods of the personified season. In this paper, the variety of imagery used in the poem will be analyzed.

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Gustatory imagery is the type of imagery that appeals to the sense of taste. In the poem to Autumn this of imagery is visible in the first stanza where the speaker describes the co-joined effort of the sun and autumn in conspiring to swell the gourd and plump the hazzle shells With a sweet kernel;… this gives the reader a mental image of the taste by seeing the fruits swell with ripeness, thus engaging the audience in celebrating the fruitfulness of the Autumn (Nagar and Amar 268).

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