Time Management

Time Management

Time Management

Time Management:Time is the measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present and into the future. Time management is the ability or the act of planning and effectively exercising full control over the time spent on various activities which increase productivity or efficiency. Poor time management is misuse of time provided to do or partake in unnecessary activities. This leads to inefficiency and low performance therefore the individual in this condition undergoes some sort of stress.

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Poor time management causes an individual to be overwhelmed by tasks on the to-do-list. It causes day to day struggle to meet each and every deadline, no matter the hard work done. Even if you do the important tasks, you will always get sidelined by the smaller ones which are also relatively important. This are all symptoms of poor prioritizing.

In conclusion, proper time management is essential when one knows what he/she is doing. Dealing with important issues that are not urgent give you time to evaluate yourself and deliver effectively. They also help you grow and reduce chances of stress since one will not be overwhelmed with loads of commitment. Time management is therefore an essential tool in building one’s self.

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