Three Interviews, Three Perspectives

Trans-formative learning focuses on how individuals understand their personal experience. It encourages people to make their own interpretations and perspectives of things rather than relying on the existing beliefs and judgments made by others. Learners only develop their own meaning through critical reflections. Critical reflections lead to perceptive transformation which is the process of developing oneself meaning of the world, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes and making decisions based on this new understanding.

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Clearly, the three have in-depth knowledge of there are of expertise, and this shows that they have taken their time to critically analyze the issue, and reflect on it thoroughly. This way they develop their own perceptive resulting to trans-formative learning. Trans-formative learning has helped the three interviewees solve various problems in society and add meaning to life. Their perceptive have also influenced other in society. By analyzing these interviews I have learnt that trans-formative learning is essential, individuals should start engaging in critical reflections to ensure that they have their own understanding

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