Thor the Movie

Thor the Movie

Thor the Movie.

Thor the Movie: Thor is a 2011 film tailored from the Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. The movie is created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and directed by Kenneth Branagh. It is the fourth film in the Marvel Cinematic World.

‘Thor’ covers the Marvel life from present day to the monarchy of Asgard (Thor’s homeland). In the middle of the story, there is the powerful Thor, a mighty but haughty warrior whose uncontrolled actions reignite a primeval war.

Thor is disheartened to Earth by his father Odin so as to teach him humility and he is forced to live in the middle of humans. A beautiful, youthful scientist, Jane Foster, has a thoughtful effect on Thor, as she eventually grow to be his first love.

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god of thunder which is a manifestation of Thor’s function and a sign of his existence. Thor presides above the air which oversees the winds and rains, thunder and lightning, favorable weather and crop.

The hammer is also seen as a phallic symbol with which the god of the skies impregnates the goddess of earth, as lightening smashes into down from on lofty. Thor’s fertility meaning has become masked.

The stress is placed precisely on his role as protector of gods and humans from the giants, who themselves represent the intimidating forces of natural world; flood, wildfire, avalanche among others. Thor’s hammer is evidently depicted as the treasure most cherished by the gods. Since it is the mace that presented the most protection in opposition to frost-giants.

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