Theory Bases and Theory Constructs

Theory Bases and Theory Constructs

Theory Bases and Theory Constructs.

Theory Bases and Theory Constructs: Public administration refers to the set implemented government policies and it is a principle that studies this implementation and readies civil servants for working in the service.

It is the leadership of public affairs which directly influence executive action, (Paul and Appleby 1947). The main goal of public administration is advancement of management policies so that the government can be able to function.

There exists different ideas of theorists’ on how public operations should operate which are better known as theory bases, and also theory constructs which outline the actual working policies and practices of public administration. The following are selecte theory bases of public administration which developed into working constructs in the administration.

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The best example of this theory base is a website; in Australia. This forum is a project for non-profit democracy which welcomes politician, academics, key stakeholders, senior servants in the public sector amongst others so as to coarse debates.

This theory is still in the phase of implementation and its consequences are yet to be realize fully (Janet and Denhardt 1990). In conclusion, there exists very many theory bases and constructs in the public administration and some of them which were implemented long time ago such as the New Public Management need to be revised and amended so that they can be integrated with existing new constructs so as to maximize benefits and also offer platforms to public related aspects.


Berkeley, C. (2003). Strong democracy : participatory politics for a new age. London : University of California Press.

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