Theories in Ethical Arguments

Theories in Ethical Arguments

Theories in Ethical Arguments.

Theories in Ethical Arguments: People use different approaches when judging arguments. Various theories may be used to explain the basis of arguments in several circumstances. For instance, moral absolutism posits that certain actions are wrong because it irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the actions.

On the contrary, teleology views ethical constructs on the basis of the consequences. Deontologists judge the ethical standard of a situation on the basis of the principles, rules or regulations surrounding the situation. These people would argue that because life is sacred, killing should not be exercise.

Relativists believe that there are no actions that qualify entirely as right or wrong; principles and ethics may be deemed applicable in limite contexts. Other people base their judgment depending on the divine law that God says certain things are wrong, and so they should not be done.

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In my opinion, Wal-Mart may have more employees than its competitors, but its size necessitates such high numbers. Ranking a company as the best should go beyond a single aspect such as the number of employees, it should explore employee relations, pricing, quality, and ethics among other factors (Allhoff & Vaidya, 2005, Pg.57). Wal-Mart may not be the best company in terms of human resource aspects.

Being a teleologist or a deontologist may not be enough to shape an opinion. But the consequences of actions outweigh mere rules, principles, and standards in every ethical argument. Therefore, Wal-Mart may not be justified just as shown in the first article.


Allhoff, F., & Vaidya, A. (2005). Business ethics. London: SAGE Publications.

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