Theological Implications of the Story of Jonah

Theological Implications of the Story of Jonah

Theological Implications of the Story of Jonah.

Theological Implications of the Story of Jonah: The Biblical story of Jonah’s encounters with the whale makes it into the list of the oddest Biblical accounts. The story starts with God talking to Jonah, Amittai’s son, commanding him to go to the city of Nineveh and preach repentance.

But Jonah finds this divine order unbearable partly because Nineveh was famous for its wickedness and it was the administrative seat of the Assyrian empire, Israel’s fiercest enemy (Arthur & Arndt 2010).

As it happened, Jonah, being a stubborn fellow, resolved to disobey God’s command. Instead, he went to the port of Joppa and went onboard of a ship destined for Tarshish, a town sitting directly in the opposite direction of Nineveh. As the Bible puts it, Jonah “ran away from the Lord.”

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Jonah’s account and message to the Ninevites real that, sometimes, prophesy is conditional (Hiesberger 2006). Jonah delivered his message the Nineveh would be ruined in forty days, yet the city thrived for additional one-and-half centuries.

Nineveh’s day of doom entirely depended on the city’s response to Jonah’s message. In illustration, Israelites were promise to inherit the fertile lands of Canaan. But this promise depended on their undivided loyalty to God (Joshua 22:4, 5).

In fact, when Israelites turned away from God, they lost their land to Palestine. Effectively, modern Israel does not possess intrinsic “right to the Middle Eastern real estate they call their home.


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