Theme: Understanding My Culture

Understanding My Culture

Theme: Understanding My Culture

The paper focuses on Option B.
Option B: Jamie Gullen grew up in New York City and then writes of her visit to an entirely different world as a college exchange student. Compare and contrast her new world of Denmark with a world you are familiar with through personal experience or through fiction. Examples of fictional or fictionalized worlds might include King’s Landing (from the book A Game of Thrones), South Park, Colorado (from the animated series South Park) or even the stereotyped pressure cooker of New York City the author herself is from.

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The resemblances are few, but the variances are many. The two cities are wide apart in terms of differences coming from two different ages makes them that. They have different an infrastructure, different rules and different perspectives. The time difference between them makes it hard to find any similarities yet they have some common things.

Martin, G. R. R. (2011). A game of thrones. London: HarperVoyager.

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