The wind power

The wind power

The wind power

The wind power:Wind power has been billed as a clean source of energy. It is seen as the solutions to pollution where unlike the other sources of energy it douse not emit any carbon gas to the atmosphere (Esteban, 445). It is also explained as a free source of energy and hence its support by the governments and international organization as the choice for clean energy. However, various studies and research have found it to be unreliable source of energy which has negative effect on animal and birds and not sufficient to be used as the only source of energy in the world. This means that the wind power is unable to replace the convectional sources of energy such as fossil energy and hence its uses have less impact in dealing with pollution in the country and the world at large.

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Wind power has been proved to have a lot of adverse effects to the people, animals and the environment. It is hence crucial for governments to understand the effects before introducing the wind power in the national grid by carrying out an environmental assessment and consulting the locals of where the wind power is to be installed.

Saidur, R., N.a. Rahim, M.r. Islam, and K.h. Solangi. “Environmental Impact of Wind Energy.” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews: 2423-430. Print.

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