The use of photo manipulation in art

The use of photo manipulation in art

The use of photo manipulation in art

The use of photo manipulation in art:Photo manipulation is the art of improving the look, readability and beauty of an image using computer software, for example, Photoshop software. It is believed that photo manipulation came into existence with the introduction of photography. It involves adjusting of contrast, colors, white balance, and noise, removing of noticeable flaws on skin or material, or adjusting of brightness.

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It is also necessary that the level of overdoing it is drawn to avoid various misleading information and to promote healthy eating habits among the ladies. Further it is prudent that strict laws are enacted to guide and control photo manipulation in order to regulate how much of it that can be done, what can be allowed and what cannot be allowed.

Manipulation has enhanced creation of art pieces from images.  A photo is change into an art piece for the purpose of art exhibits and fashion.  It also provides a sketch to the drawing artist as they can easily trace on a transformed photo.

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