The United States in World War II

The United States in World War II

The United States in World War II

In the 1930’s the U.S citizens having lost numerous young men during World War I happened to be extremely hesitant to participate in another war that was not theirs. The isolationism of U.S citizens ended up being reflected in the Congress that led to the inclusion of the Neutrality Act that was enacted in 1937. This act made it unlawful for America to trade with the belligerents . However, the president at that time Roosevelt desired America to participate in the European war.

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Generally, the American citizens did not desire to play a part in this war. They felt safeguarded by the great oceans on either parts of the continent of North American. They felt that, during World War I, the American troops had already fought and died in France mainly to make riches for arms merchants and weapon makers. Moreover, America had enabled the withering of its armed forces during the 1920s so that when the Second World War started in Europe, its troops of 190,000 men had a global ranking of eighteenth.


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