The United States Education v.s Mexico’s Education

The United States Education vs Mexico Education

The United States Education v.s Mexico’s Education

Over the years, the economic, cultural and educational interdependence between United States and Mexico has grown. This interdependence has led to for the Mexican workforce, in turn, it has resulted in the movement of immigrants from Mexico to the United States. Therefore, the movement of people from Mexico to America has resulted in an increase of Mexican children in the United States schools (Reef, 2009). These Mexican school children join the United States education system at different points along the system grade continuum. In addition, a number of these learners remain in America and graduate from high school, others move back to their home country or spend their school life changing from one education system to the other

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The schools cycles are also different, with the Mexican cycle running for 200 days and the United States cycle running for 180 days. In conclusion, given the interdependence between the US and Mexico, understanding the differences between these education policies can be very helpful to education stakeholders in both countries. Hence, a good understanding of these policies can allow both systems to accommodate efficiently students from the two countries.

Acevedo, G. L., & Salinas, A. (2000). The Distribution of Mexico’s Public Spending on Education. World Bank Publications.

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