The theory of social learning by Albert Bandura

The theory of social learning by Albert Bandura

The theory of social learning by Albert Bandura.

The theory of social learning by Albert Bandura indicates that behavior is culture from the surroundings through the practice of observational learning. Children monitor or study the people that surround them behaving in different ways.

This is demonstrated in the prominent bobo doll experiment. Persons that are observedare know as models. In the public, children are encircled or surrounded by many significant models, such as parents in the family, characters on T.V and friends within their social system and teachers at school.

These models present illustrations of male and female behavior to examine and imitate. They concentrate or pay attention to models and encode their behavior.

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In Miller and Dollards’ experiment for establishing imitative behavior, models performed discrimination responses in which they were continuously rewarded and the subjects were reinforced if they matched their leaders’ choice of responses.

These experiments of learning by observation and imitation have been accepte as they involve a unique discrimination learning case in which the behavior of others becomes an avenue for discriminative stimuli responses that are part of the subject’s collection.

Explanations offered by Logan (1955) have assumed that the imitator performs the model’s responses stealthily. Rosenblith’s (1959) study of learning by imitation reveals that male experimenters were more effective than females. Rosenblith further observes that school setting may involve some social deprivations which increase the male reward value.


Bandura, A., Ross, D. & Ross, S.A. (1961). Transmission of aggression through imitation of aggressive models.  Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 63, 575-82.

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