The theory of multiple intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences.

The theory of multiple intelligences: The multiple intelligence theory is the result of intellectual science, and a reflection of the need to rethink about the theory of measurable intelligence which is integrated with intelligence testing.

It is the attempt to how the human potential and ability is influenced by discipline and culture of people. On the other hand, learning style theory explains the way in which people think and feel as they solve problems in life as they interact and come up with new products and ideas.

There are several importance of understanding different way that student learn and their easy way of learning using the theory of multiple intelligence and learning theories to determine.

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Teachers can apply multiple theory which includes seven intelligences pillars to improve the productivity of students. Teachers should determine and teach students by applying an extensive assortment of talent and skills rather than using the traditional ways which emphasizes on the use of mathematical and intelligence skills.

Educators should apply educational structures that involve most or all the style of intelligence (Davis, Christodoulou, Seider & Gardner, 2011, p. 110).

Arguably, the theory of multiple intelligence can be use by educators in schools to provide a framework for establishing abilities. And talents among student to assist them improve in their studies.  This will help students to develop a sense of achievement and raise their self-confidence.


Davis, K., Christodoulou, J. A., Seider, S., & Gardner, H. (2011). The theory of multiple intelligences. The Cambridge handbook of intelligence, 485-503.

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