The Texas Political Issue of Gay Marriage

In any society, most people categorize individuals based on two gender roles (masculine and feminine) that are created to correspond with the two sexes. Gender roles are taught to people from their childhood and continue to the rest of their lives during their socialization process. In the process, homosexuality is shown as unacceptable and heterosexuality as appropriate behavior. Heterosexuality is a compulsory process for every individual in the society. However, some people argue that individuals have the right to choose their marriage lifestyle.

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In conclusion, Texas one of the states in United States that prohibits same-sex marriage. The issues have spark lot of controversies among the politicians and legal experts. According to various studies, political party support determines politicians’ attitudes towards gay marriage in Texas. Republican are believed to be against gay marriage while Democrats supports and fights for gay people rights. Most reasons given from either side bases their argument on the point of rights and freedoms provided in the Constitution. Religion and society are some of the factors that affect opponents of gay marriage rights.

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