The ‘tale of the wife of Bath’

The ‘tale of the wife of Bath’

The ‘tale of the wife of Bath’

The ‘tale of the wife of Bath’ the middle Ages were to put it lightly, the problem of the woman. Women were a part of two states (those who prayed and those that worked), but yet they happened to be a fourth estate in the outside system. They were looked at spiritually, morally, and legally as additions of the men present in their lives, reliant on either the father or the other kinsman as the protector, or legally matching their husbands.

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It happened to be very rare for the woman to be the femme sole from the law and happen to own property; the medieval law happened to be far more contented with the femmes covert, the women who happened to be “covered” by the other man’s control. In a similar time, the Church viewed the women as descendants of Eve and therefore instruments of sin and temptation. They were erotic, not holy. When men wished for the woman spiritually, they happened to commit sin; therefore, women were seen as the instruments of the damnation of men. Men were required to reprimand women to put them in their specific place, minimize their ability to lure them, and above all preserve regulation over the particular women in their normal lives.

Chaucer, G., & In Winny, J. (1965). The wife of Bath’s prologue and tale: From the Canterbury tales. Cambridge: University Press.

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