The study of politics be an art or a science

The study of politics be an art or a science

The study of politics be an art or a science.

The study of politics be an art or a science: There are many professions in the world. Some of these attract controversies when it comes to their definition. In this case study, I will discuss politics, and try to determine whether it is a science, or an art.

First of all, we need to define what is termed as a science, and what is termed as an art. In defining “Science”, this terminology has many definitions. However, all of these definitions seem to linger on the knowledge part of the discipline (Gamson, 1995: 13).

Therefore, science can be defined as having knowledge about something, or being in the process of gaining that knowledge (Gamson, 1995: 14-15). There is also a belief that science is having some knowledge that can be applied reliably, or knowledge that can be explained rationally in effort of solving a situation.

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After having properly analyzed all the different aspects there is in defining politics, I find myself in no other corner other than to conclude that it is both a science and an art.

In as much as it does not possess the common characteristics found in other major science, it is becoming a science due to the methods used in pertaining the expertise.

I also feel that as much as it is becoming a science, the expertise uses a systematic approach in gaining knowledge, which is lately being used to benefit all. That is what makes it an art.


GAMSON, W. A. (1995). Talking politics. Cambridge [u.a.], Cambridge Univ. Press.

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