The Structure and Culture Of Workplace

The Structure and Culture Of Workplace

The Structure and Culture Of Workplace.

The Structure and Culture Of Workplace: Since the industrial revolution, live and work of the people of US has been changed. Industrial development led to the increase of production of goods, after the adoption of power driven machine.

Initially, production of good was by the use of simple tools and hand skills, where most of the people were working in the rural areas. The only people who were in town centers were in shops and worked as an association known as guilds.

The use of machinery lead to a more efficient production resulting from the use of water powered engines, machinery tools in the development and use of steam power.

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create a cross between the industrial machine and the working class.  The government has a responsibility of protecting worker from being exploite by the owners of the factors of production; initially the regulation was left to the owner of those industries.

The working conditions were poor and the wages were subsidize for people working in mills and factories.  The worker had to go on a demonstration to appeal for an increment in wages and improvement of the working conditions which resulted in a violent confrontation.

However, these issues are still present in today’s world and some people that the industrial revolution is still going on even in these modern times. These faces changed the structure and the culture in most of the working place in the US


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