The State Judicial Selection Process

The State Judicial Selection Process

The State Judicial Selection Process

Robert Mccloskey (2010) explains that the United States of America in 1788 21st of June sprang into the state of legal being through the existence of court systems. This was after the approved proposed new national constitution was voted 57 to 46 for its support by the New Hampshire convention. This era of 1788 marked the momentous history of the start of the court system in America.

There exist three basic Federal courts level today in America as illustrated by Mccloskey (2010). They include the following levels in a chronological order from the at the top level to the lowest level, that is, the America’s Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, and District courts.

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The approval process in the California is of just and fair nature. The prospects and provisions of the constitution are taken into account. In South Carolina, the approval can be possibly marred with prejudice and self-based decisions. The California’s selection has little if no bureaucratic processes thereby minimize the hurdles creating a smooth and an efficient system of selecting judges.

To a wide extent the California’s judges’ selection is highly cost effective since it does not require any election to be conducted as in the case of South Carolina. It, therefore, provides the cheapest method of doing the selection process which is of a huge contribution towards the economy of the California state.


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