The spread of bacteria by Stethoscopes

The spread of bacteria by Stethoscopes

The spread of bacteria by Stethoscopes

A stethoscope is an essential tool for all the medical practitioners. It is a diagnostic gadget used by health specialists to listen to the patient’s chest fissure, heart and several pulse regions. Doctors and nurses cannot avoid to use them on their daily activities. Quality improvement (QI) on the other hand is more about making healthcare safely, fast, efficient and at the same time patient-centered.

A QI program or project entails the structured actions that are organized and effected by an organization to monitor, evaluate, and progress its quality of health care. The activities are cyclic so as to ensure that the organization keeps on seeking advanced heights of performance to improve its care for the patients.

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It is significant to consider that a continuous quality improvement process calls for accountability and contribution from across the board. Every individual in the health sector right from the patients, their families, the health practitioners, the hospital management and also the board have a role to play (CDC, 2010).

This way, the recurring infections because of the use of the stethoscope can be addressed and hence reduce the rate of infections. There should be frequent reviews performed by the stakeholder, and equally the patients are expected to be more vigilant at guarding their health. If a customer is unhappy or feels like the health worker is not responsible and is putting their health at risk, they should report such a case.

Alexis, O. (2009). Providing best practice in manual blood pressure measurement. British
Journal of Nursing 18(7): 410-415.

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