The silent epidemic workplace bullying is on the rise

The silent epidemic workplace bullying is on the rise

The silent epidemic workplace bullying is on the rise

Workplace bullying has developed into an issue that faces many organizations in the world today. Traditionally, it would be expected that bullying would be restricted to institutions such as elementary schools and some colleges. It is unfortunate that 96% of individuals that participated in a VitalSmart survey on workplace bullying complained of experiencing the same at their places of work.

In addition, the negative trend has been going on for over a decade which is one of the issues that prompted the 2003 “Happy Workplace” bill to be legislated in 26 states in the country (Kaspersvic, 2014). I agree with the view on bullies in the article; bearing many insecurities which they project on the poor manner in which they treat individuals.

When the workplace bullies are carrying on their vice, they believe that they are doing the right thing; although they always have demented reasons for justifying their behavior. The range of bullying vices in the workplace include; bullies taking credit for activities that they did not actually work for, falsely accusing colleagues of things going wrong in the workplace, belittling, gossiping and tarnishing colleagues reputation so that they are poorly rated at the workplace.

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In conclusion, the article is in terms of the various parameters that associate with workplace bullying. Thus, the article gives figures on the number of individuals that face bullying, why they do it and how it can be effectively handle.

Kaspersvic, J. (2014). The ‘silent epidemic’: workplace bullying is on the rise, research shows.
The Guardian. Retrieved 15th April 2015 from

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