The Short Story

Everyday Use short story by the author Alice Walker, a black woman who live in the south narrates the short story about her experience in making a decision in giving one of her two daughters’ quilts. Her oldest daughter, Dee, who is visiting her from college, believe that quilts are fashionable and are the most popular among her peers. Dee is convinced that quilts should be given to her, and her mother should not raise questions about her request. Maggie, the youngest daughter, stays with her mother at home and understands the importance of family heritage, and she has been promised to the quilts.

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The short story eager readers that the traditional ways of people are more important. The writer reveals that the impact of education on the traditional ways of people and the power that education has to influence people to change their culture. People y use their culture in their day to day activities avoid the conflict that raised by the adoption of another culture in the society.

Work Cited
Walker, Alice, and Barbara Christian. Everyday Use. New Brunswick, N.J: Rutgers University Press, 1994. Print.

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