The secret genocide

The secret genocide

The secret genocide

A lot of scholarly research has already been done that portrays Turkey as being responsible for genocide. Kessab hosts the very last native Armenian inhabitants on the region of the earlier Ottoman Empire. Kessab Armenians were beforehand victims from the Turkish bloodshed during the Adana massacres, Armenian genocides and also the Hamidian massacres. Lebanon and Syrian jihadist activist and human rights researcher Lama Fakih confirmed that rebel groups plotted to assault Kassab, however, failing since Turkey had fiercely denied them entrance.

A survivor from the war in an interview commented on the topic confirming that Turks refuted the Armenian’s easy passage since they insinuated that for them to thrive in the attack they required to unite, referring to extremist state of al-Sham and Iraq, and various rebel groups.

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Having evidently seen the evidences supporting that Turkey was responsible for genocide, the nation, therefore, requires doing the right thing by avoiding blaming other parties for the genocide, and openly and rationally talking about it. For instance in Rwanda, the solution came after the issue was accepted and strategies were plotted to mitigate the challenge and bar it from ever happening. Turkey should realize the essence of unity by integrating Armenians in the country because they share the same roots and through that religious or ethnic conflicts will be eliminated effectively.

Akçam, T. (2004). From empire to republic: Turkish nationalism and the Armenian genocide. Zed Books.

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