The Role of the Teacher in Metacognitive teaching

The Role of the Teacher in Metacognitive teaching

The Role of the Teacher in Metacognitive teaching

There are different professional fields with different areas in this world. Each one of these professions demands an undisputed level of approach. That is in terms of execution of duties, commitment of a profession, motivation among other aspects. This research seeks to discuss the role of a teacher in a metacognitive teaching.  This is more so in relation with the practices that are advocated for by the Florida Department of Education Standards.This code of ethics states that this can only be achieved through undisputable learning and teaching freedom, and also by guaranteeing equal opportunities to all parties .

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The code of ethics also states that the primary duty of every educator is the well being of the student, more so in developing their learning potential. Therefore, in achieving the same an educator has to exercise sound professional judgment in all situations as well as uphold integrity in the same. The Florida Department of Education Standards ethics also seek to promote educators awareness on the need of upholding respect as well as confidence of students, colleagues, parent or any other member in the community  (Zarra, 2013).

Looking at the above code of conduct in the Florida Department of Standards Education, it is clear that the role of an educator is unbiased service to all students as well as respect for all members in the community (Zarra, 2013). Looking at service to all, it is the primary duty of all educators.

Bluestein, J. (2008). The win-win classroom: A fresh and positive look at classroom management. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

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