The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken .

The Road Not Taken is a poem by Robert Frost. It represents one of the most underestimated and easily assumed poems in terms of meaning. For several reader, the poem represents the dilemma in making two choices.

It is interpreted that it suggests that an individual ought to take the least travelled road. This means that the least popular choice is the best choice. This is not the full meaning of the poem. It goes beyond evaluating between the right and wrong choice.

The thesis in place is that the poem establishes that a person’s fate is determined by choice and chance, with the two being inseparable. This means choice plays a role in determining fate but not fully.

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Choosing one road over the other is a metaphor showing how individuals make choices. The thought process encountered is a metaphor for the difficult times individuals face during such times. The woods are a symbol for an individual’s life. The use of metaphor in the poem serves to create interest while strongly conveying the meaning of the poem.

This poem by Robert Frost is a true representation of an individual’s life. It shows that dilemma is an ever present reality for all individuals. These choices are compulsory.

An individual makes them without always using logic due to limited knowledge on the topic. Therefore, chance plays a role in determining ones fate. This validates the thesis that an individual’s fate relies both on choice and luck. [1]


Frost, Robert. The Road Not Taken. New York: St. Martin’s, 1985.

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