The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The road not taken by is about a singular character and this is the narrator of the poem. The story that comes across is that of the narrator’s journey through a forest road. The message that comes across at first perusal seems to be very straight forward. However after careful consideration, the poem seems to be more ambiguous and can be interpreted in several different ways. However, what is happening in the poem is a narration of the author’s take on what his life had been until the point when he wrote the poem; and what he thought it would lead him to in the future.

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However, the journey is still going on and is not yet concluded by the time the poem is written. The narrator therefore is hypothesizing of a situation in the future when he will be narrating the story of his life and will need to explain how he got to that point. “Knowing how way leads onto way” is the fourth line of the third stanza and it shows how the narrator is also unsure of how his eventual life will turn out to be. He is also not sure whether he will be a success or not but he will tell of his eventual situation in life as having come about from the choice of road he took at the beginning.

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