The racial implications of the death penalty

The racial implications of the death penalty

The racial implications of the death penalty

Racial discrimination and the death penalty is a very hot topic for debates and others alike. First, I will start with the definition of racial discrimination that is a noun meaning any prejudiced or obnoxious conduct towards members of a different race. Numerous classifications exist that fall under this subject. You have racism of jury, racism of defendant, racism of victim, racism of district attorneys and many others. What does this mean? To some it means an unfair chance to exemplify themselves in a law court to others it means an unfair chance at gaining the opportunity to become a district attorney and for others their race is more likely to determine the sentencing of death (Keil & Vito, 1989).

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I strongly believe the death penalty deters crime because there are two different types of deterrence. The first is specific deterrence. The goal of specific deterrence is to lessen the probability of having a repeat offender. For example, the three strikes law is one of the techniques used to support this classification of dissuasion. A stricter sentence for lesser crimes is another example of specific discouragement. The additional classification of dissuasion is overall discouragement.

A lot of the racial pressures and complications in society occur most conspicuously in eminent criminal circumstances and in the alignment of the penal and penitentiary populace on a national scale (Britt, 1998). Talking about these complications is precarious for numerous explanations.

Baldus, D. C., Woodworth, G., Zuckerman, D., & Weiner, N. A. (1997). Racial discrimination and the death penalty in the post-Furman era: An empirical and legal overview with recent findings from Philadelphia. Cornell L. Rev., 83, 1638.

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