The Purloined Letter (Edgar Allen Poe)

“The Purloined Letter” is a short story that was written by Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar was an American author and the short story was among the three detective stories he wrote. The short story was published in 1845 and made Poe a profit of 12 dollars. According to the story, C. Augustine Dupin is a detective has many celebrated cases which are joining by the police prefect known as G. according to the title of the story, a letter that belonged to unnamed female was stolen by minister D and he used it to blackmail women. The prefect tells Dupin that the content in the letter are secret and would destroy the woman’s reputation. The woman promised to offer 50000 francs in return of the letter and the search begins.

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Dupin and the minister are said to be more doubles than opposites. The narrator has omitted the actual names of characters in the story. The author wanted to give the reader an impression that the identities of the characters should be protected to give the story an air of realism. Dupin wins the investigation because of his moral strength whereas the minister loses due to his blackmailing behaviors of trying to obtain power through exploiting the weak.

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