The Profession of a Narcotics Officer

The Profession of a Narcotics Officer

The Profession of a Narcotics Officer.

The Profession of a Narcotics Officer: A narcotics officer is a Law Enforcement member concerned with narcotics violations. They normally work undercover to avoid suspicion and effectively bring drug dealers to justice.

They specialize in preventing illegal drug use and distribution. Narcotics officers have a hard job but it is fairly easy to become one and the experience is very rewarding. The method of research used in this paper is that of a case study.

Prospective narcotics officers may need a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree depending on the department or agency for which they want to work. (Narcotics Officers: Job Description, Duties and Requirements).

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and classes in order to maintain their training in drug identification, technology and self-defense (Become a Narcotics Agent). Narcotics agents often seek to advance in management and leadership positions. Experienced agents work on larger investigation cases. They transfer to and head administrative positions within a narcotics department.

An individual may be promoted to an agent-in-charge, senior agent or a director. Promotion criteria may vary by employer but advancements are typically based on skills attained, years of service and performance evaluations (Become a Narcotics Agent).

A career in law enforcement as a narcotics officer is very promising and morally beneficial. It’s hard work that definitely pays off in the long run. The prevention of drug distribution in the society has a long way to go but with excellent training, narcotics officers can minimize the problem greatly.

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