The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil.

The problem of evil is particularly the utmost impediment to belief in God’s existence. This problem is founded on the depth and extent of suffering prevailing in the world.

Atheists doubts the existence of God due to man’s suffering, whether it is due to natural disaster or man’s inhumanity to another. Atheism is the rejection of belief in the deities’ existence. A position that deities do not exists.

Atheist’s case against the existence of God is based on social to philosophical and historical approaches to no beliefs in God’s existence. The rationale for the case against the existence of God is due to the problem of evil, lack of empirical evidence, rejection of concepts that cannot be falsified, arguments based on inconsistent revelations, and non-belief arguments.

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First order good is the physical happiness and pleasure, and the first order evil is physical sadness and pain. Second order good is an elevated goodness such as bravery and courage. It can only happen when evil and suffering exists. This response seems like an effective response to the problem of evil.

In conclusion, the greater good defense successfully overcomes the problem of evil. The atheist’s arguments from evil ultimately do not succeed against God’s existence. At least according to the reasons given above, God was justified to permit evil in the world.

God is a supreme, moral and responsible being. He gives every man an opportunity to choose what to do. He doesn’t force anyone to love, but gives everyone a chance to do what they want. God also protects his people. He only allows suffering up to man’s limit.

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