The Private sector in development and Job creation

The Private sector in development and Job creation

The Private sector in development and Job creation.

The Private sector in development and Job creation: This book offers some degree of emphasis on how the private sector initiative has been channeled into directions that are socially useful especially relating to job creation.

It also discusses the implications behind private sector involvement in policies of development institutions. This book thoroughly looks into the challenges in creation of public policies that enhance and encourage the role of the private sector in development.

This source is quite reliable. The book was written after thorough research related to the policy making process. It also relied on past involvement of the private sector in development for its research background.

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The initiatives were undertaken by the commonwealth in the last three decades. These go to solidify the reliability of this source. This source is a great aid in debugging the myths surrounding the public and private sector. The myth is that the private sector is more dynamic in creation of development and in innovation.

It will-using case studies that are of innovation led growth-show that the public sector is an equal contributor to development in that the private sector is encouraged to invest after the public sector has made a tone of high risk investments.

The reliability of this source lies in the extensive research into the case studies used to generate this report. The research has proved that the private sector does contribute to development. The private sector only invests where the public sector has invested and succeeded. The public sector therefore steers development.

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