The power of words story for Poe

The power of words story for Poe

The power of words story for Poe.

The power of words story for Poe: Poe’s Power of Words is a future dialogue between angelic beings, Oinos and Agathos, in heaven after destruction of the earth. In the dialogue a conflict of meaning emerges. Oinos thinks that by having all the knowledge he will be happy.

Agathos on the other hand insists that the ultimate source of happiness is not in knowing everything but the process of learning. Oinos understands that continuous acquisition of knowledge will lead to having all knowledge and so happiness.

Agathos explains that learning is a blessing but knowledge is a curse. At the end of the dialogue, Agathos who seems to have learnt so much is sad and Oinos who is seems to be of little knowledge is the comforter.

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In the world today people spend numerous years in school ‘acquiring knowledge’. They believe that in this there is an automatic happiness. The society has been made to believe that more knowledge implies more happiness.

Poe in this dialogue makes knowledge the only ingredient a person requires to be happy. While it cannot be disputed that learned people are respected and that knowledge is power, it is not true that it is a source of happiness.

This reasoning is misleading because of as explained above, it questions God’s omniscient nature and his power to bring happiness. It also does not consider the fact that happiness is a relative term; its source is not the same for everyone.

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