The persecution of a Roman citizen

The persecution of a Roman citizen

The persecution of a Roman citizen

The persecution of a Roman citizen: Roman citizens were prosecuted due to religious differences. Initially, Roman government recognized Judaism as the only religion in the Empire. Christianity started coming up and when the government recognized it as a separate religion from Judaism, the government set a precedent for massive prosecution. However, the ruling governor in the empire did not have any legal against them (Tyson and Joseph). However, the Christians were told to recant their faith failure to which they would be executed.

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Tertullus brought accusation against Paul before Governor Felix. He started his accusation by giving praise so as to win favor with the governor. The governor offered Paul an opportunity to defend himself, where he proved to be innocent. Felix used his ruling wisdom to adjourn the proceedings seeking for an opportunity to interact with Paul closely so that he could benefit himself. Paul maintained his stand as a Christian. He continued talking about godly values that inflicted fear on Felix.

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Tyson, Joseph B. “The Emerging Church and the Problem of Authority in Acts.” Interpretation 42.2 (1988): 132-145.

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