The Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis that happened in 1832 is among the preliminary events in the sequence of crises which would eventually result in the Civil War. After the economic depression that characterized the 1820s, the government of America had already passed few new tariff. They comprised of the protectionist Tariff which was known as Tariff of Abominations. The economy of South Carolina was the one mostly affected by this tariff.

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The problem associated with the state rights was not entirely dealt with at that point and transformed into a grave altercation amongst the federal government and the states which eventually resulted in the American civil war that took place in 1861. As observed by Ellis, the Southern states attempted to defend their controversial slave policies since their plantations heavily depended on the slaves. However, the federal government which was under President Abraham Lincoln happened to be determined to liberate the slaves. These Southern states agreed to withdraw and create the Confederate States of America. This ended up being harshly opposed by unions in America resulting in the civil war which ended following the defeat of the Confederacy. This could also be considered as being the main impact of the Nullification Crisis on America.

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