The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem

The concept of the New Jerusalem is discussed in the Bible in the book of revelation. This are revelations that were made to Apostle John on how the new city of Jerusalem would look like. John describes the New Jerusalem with pleasant terms. He portrays the city as a marvelous place, with world most precious things like Gold and diamonds. The description is outstanding and signals hope especially for those who believe in God and the resurrection, hence occupation of this lovely place that have resemblance to the old city of Jerusalem; though secure and without the wars and hatred that Jerusalem faced from enemies within and without.

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The bride on the other hand, are the followers of Christ, who will be showered with gold and the glory of the New Jerusalem that will be lit by God’s gracious illumination. Believers in Jesus Christ, are the bride; represented in the revelation by the twelve gates of Jerusalem and the twelve tribes of Jerusalem, city of Israel. The number twelve is therefore very significant in this revelation as it indicates wholeness.

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