The Native American History

The Native American History

The Native American History

In the 19th century, the American Government sought to increase territory occupied by the Native Americans. The government increased territories westward and by mid 19th century it had doubled territories controlled by the American Government. The Native American policies outlined the relationship between the government and the native tribes.  The policies were influenced by the desire by the government to expand westwards into areas occupied by Indian tribes. After independence, America adopted Europeans policies towards the native people but with time it became necessary to develop new policies to ensure that natives relocated and became civilized as well (Oberg).

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They advocated for assimilation as a wise and humane policy. Hunt Jackson and Henry Dawes supported assimilation since it would be a humane policy and prevent the forceful eviction that had led to the death of many natives. According to advocates of assimilation, the natives would be discouraged from practicing traditional customs, children educated and they would share their land with other citizens. The whole idea of assimilation was to kill the culture and save the non-natives. The assimilation led to the introduction of native schools and students were forbidden to communicate in native languages. Assimilation was used to transform communities to civilization.

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