The Ministers Black Veil

The Ministers Black Veil

The Ministers Black Veil

The Ministers Black Veil:The Minister’s black veil was written in the medieval period, and it represents a puritan society that fails to acknowledge sin. The book describes Hooper, a reverend who puts on a black veil over his face. The black veil becomes a point of discussion within the community, and they are all curious as to why the reverend puts on the veil. The society believes that he has a committed a sin and it is a way of hiding it from everyone (Hawthorne).

The black veil is a symbol that represents secret sin. The story revolves around secret sin, and it is a major theme the author is trying to bring out. Hawthorne believed that people are afflicted with sins of pride, coveting, lust, envy, anger, gluttony, and sloth (Newton).

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Hawthorne story aims at showing the need for human beings to acknowledge and admit their sin. The author uses symbolism, irony and sets a gloomy tone to bring out the major themes of the story which include secret sin, individuality, death, and isolation.

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