The medieval period

The medieval period

The medieval period.

The medieval period: The medieval period also known as the postclassical period is the historical period of time following the ancient history as well as the Iron Age.

The term medieval was originally applied by the European history that described the medieval period as a middle period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the start of the Renaissance.

The warriors played an important role in governing the society since, during this time, the central government was weak, and the society was divided among feudal rulers.

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This is thus a key contrast of the classical warriors and the medieval warriors. The medieval and the classical warrior had some similarities and differences as noted above. In both cases, going into the battlefield made the warriors heroes in their society.

The warriors were not cowards, and they fought bravely to protect their communities from being attacked by the enemies. Similarly, they had the rage that made them go to the battlefields brave enough to face the enemy. This rage made them got out there to fight and win for their societies.

However, the difference comes in terms of power and status. During the medieval period status was not important, and everybody was trained to fight the enemy unlike in the classical period when only a few warriors would be seen as the protectors and rescuers of the society.

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