The Meaning of Being Human

The Meaning of Being Human

The Meaning of Being Human

Being human, is a very wide concept which encompasses all aspects of human nature and the causal factors that make a person act ‘human’. These factors include the environmental and innate drivers which help to shape the behavior of an individual as perceived by others. This is the facet of the individual that is also open to others to interpret according to the expectations of their society. This is where the individual’s behavior is also adjudged to be normal or in contravention of societal norms (Jackson-Dwyer, 2013).

This is determined through examination of the individual and how they handle interpersonal relationships as well as how an individual behaves or relates to such activities like sex and emotions such as love, altruism and compassion. Being human is a culmination of an individual’s ability to adequately behave, think and act in socially acceptable ways.

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Through interacting with family members, friends, older acquaintances and relatives, the individual is able to copy the established norms and apply them in their own lives. The development of social institutions through which the individual passes through such as schools, religious groupings and neighborhoods also helps to firm up certain social concepts in the individuals conduct.

In these social institutions, the learning process is refined and the final product is an individual that is thoroughly taught on all aspects that make them human. This in turn leads to the development of such qualities as compassion and altruism. These are the final constructs of the ideal human being who is now able to act and behave in the ways that the human race has over its existence refined to be the best condition of being human.

Batson, C. D. (2014). The altruism question: Toward a social-psychological answer. Psychology Press.

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