The Maze of free will

The Maze of free will

The Maze of free will

The Maze of free will: Are you ultimately truly and radically responsible for the decision you make?

The author answers that a person is completely free to choose the next step to take about an issue. This is concerning taking responsibility of all actions and decisions made. According to Galen, one is truly radically and ultimately free to choose what to do in a way that he/she will be morally responsible for whatever he/she chooses.  A person is condemned to freedom to not only choose but also choose how to feel.

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One can decide to purchase the only remaining cake or give the 10 dollars to Oxfam. It is a conscious decision. Nevertheless, because of our genetic makeup and inheritance of our morality and character, we cannot be responsible for our decisions. This means that if one is generous or kind, he/she is willing to donate the 10 dollars compared to a self-centered or selfish person. However, given certain circumstances, people are responsible for their decisions because they choose based on who they are and what they feel.

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