The Making of an Image by Norman Daniel

The Making of an Image by Norman Daniel

 The Making of an Image by Norman Daniel

The Making of an Image by Norman Daniel:According to Norman Daniel and his view of ‘Islam and the West’, any individual who is open-minded embarking on a study of Islam particularly the one using books written in European languages, must be sentinel for the apparently inherent buckles that permeate nearly every non-Muslim writings on Islam. The Making of an Image by Norman Daniel.Markedly, Islam has been severely misunderstood and much maligned in the West since the Middle Ages. In last years of the 20th century, much has not changed although Muslims would attest that progress is gradually taking place. Whether non-Christian or Christian, the West has never known Islam. Christians have always insulted Islam since time in memorial. They have done this in need to find justification for its waging war. Markedly, it is no different today among many Westerners who suggest that Islam be reduced three key ideas including fatalism, fanaticism, and polygamy (Daniel, 1993, p. 65).

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The Making of an Image by Norman Daniel.A person is forced to believe that oriental studies particularly in the West seem not to be inspired by the purest spirit of scholarly impartiality (Daniel, 1993, p. 233). The majority of Muslims in the West most likely agree that most misrepresentations regarding Muslims come from the media, in the newspapers, television, or magazines. Being fully aware of the issue is half the battle. There is long standing hostility and misunderstanding between the West and Islam.

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Daniel, Norman. Islam and the West: The Making of an Image. Oxford, Eng: Oneworld, 1993. Print.

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