The Lottery and Young Goodman brown

The Lottery and Young Goodman brown

The Lottery and Young Goodman brown.

The Lottery and Young Goodman brown: Fictional stories are told by authors to send a particular message to their audiences from non-true occurrences. The narration involves related events through music, theatre, literature or cinema.

The composition of the fictional stories utilizes fictional characters through whom the audience identifies with and judges in relation to the story context. Just as Shirley Jackson and Nathaniel Hawthorne present in their stories The Lottery and Young Goodman Brown respectively, the characters have been used to complement the overall plots of their stories.

The well wrought process of character selection from the two stories relate in a comparative way, such that the authors depict similar character traits and at the same time differentiate them through their personalities,

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The actions by Goodman are motivated by God, he expresses his staunchness and at the same time curiosity guided by his Christian attributes. The Old man also acts in contrast to defy the supernatural being too by luring Goodman to follow him.

The characterization process used by the Jackson and Hawthorne is a representation of a literature masterpiece that audience clearly identifies. By evaluating the stories’ plot, the character sketch adopted by the two authors portrays a reflection of the realm in society.

Despite the differences in character personalities and qualities, the authors have managed to compel the characters to enact appropriately the situations in the story settings to fit those in the real society.


Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Young Goodman Brown. New York: Wildside Press LLC, 2005.

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