The King Must Die

The King Must Die

The King Must Die.

The King Must Die: Theseus realizes the notion of moira after the King clarifies it to him. Theseus realizes that, moira means that it is his obligation to live in a way that he accomplishes his fate.

He notices that he must act of his own harmony and do his best to accomplish our fate rather moira does not mean that all dealings are predestined or that he has whole open spirit. “Moira?” he said.

“The finished shape of our fate, the line drawn round it, is the task the gods allot us, and the share of glory they allow; the limits we must not pass; and our appointed end. Moira is all these.” The

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“It is when we stretch out our hands to our moira that we receive the sign of the god” beginning to grip the core of moira needs once more that we surrender our linear thought of time.

Moira is somewhat greatly bigger than fate that ought to have to be aspired to. Theseus is blamed of attempting to rupture the shell of moira after the queen says “Yes, go to him, you who want to be greater than your fate”.

Moira prevents this from happening by illustrating itself firmly around the outskirts of fate reminding us of our being just humans and have much power with such reality. According to moira, without the enthusiasm to present ourselves away to the mysteries, we are way past humans and thus neither can we be divine.

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