The invention of 3d technology

The invention of 3d technology

The invention of 3d technology.

The invention of 3d technology: Since the Avatar 3D film attracted a large number of audiences in 2010, the 3D visual content has turned out to be the most wanted consumer electronic device.

The 3D visual wave has been incorporated into the 3DSTV, PC, Blue- ray and video game industries. 3D visual systems are important because they enable individuals with in-depth viewing experience to identify the physical structure and location of any given object.

This aspect is essential as it can be utilized in both industrial and academic research (Ming, Lai, Kwasinski and Wang, 2013). As stated by Cohen (2009), 3D technology stands for 3- dimension technology, which offers a wide range of possibilities in the near future in every aspect of life, especially in the entertainment arena.

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Any new products, services or technology should have unique aspects that will make it ahead of its competitors, thus attract more customers. The same aspect should also apply to 3D technology.

The creation and implementation of 3D technology is important as it has changed the lifestyle of people. In this regard, people are able to communicate via mobile phone, internet. And watch movies at home without necessarily going to theatres.

More so, it has improved the education system, manufacturing and tourism industries. On the contrary, 3D technology is known to cause visual impairment. Thus some people cannot watch televisions or computers without spectacles.


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