The internment of Japanese or German or Italian Americans during World War II

The internment of Japanese or German or Italian Americans during World War II

The internment of Japanese or German or Italian Americans during World War II

One of the implications of World War 2 was internment. Internment entails the forceful relocation and imprisonment of people. During World War 2, “enemy aliens” were relocated and imprisoned as a security measure. United States relocated and imprisoned Japanese Americans who were living in the country at the moment. Around 120,000 Japanese Americans were removed from their place of residence and taken to the Pacific coast in the country. They lived in camps in the interior part of the country.

The internment of Japanese Americans included both citizens and non-citizens living in the country.[1] It was biased since it was based on population concentration and state and regional politics. The internment of Japanese Americans had social implications such as racism and discrimination.[2] It conflicts with the principles of liberty in the society and there are questions whether it was justified. This paper will evaluate the internment of Japanese Americans and the violations of liberty during the process.


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There were reports of confrontations between Americans and Japanese Americans since Americans believed that the Japanese Americans posed a threat to the country. Internees at the camp were eventually allow to leave on condition that they joined the United States Army. Although there was no successful legal challenge against internment, the internment entailed a violation of civil rights and liberty. The concentration camps were close in 1944 rescission of the executive order authorizing the internment. The government later issued an apology for its actions and compensated the Japanese American people for their loss.


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