The influence of parents in cognitive development

The influence of parents in cognitive development

The influence of parents in cognitive development.

The influence of parents in cognitive development: Research on children development has for a long time been focused on the debate between nature and nurture. Which of the two factors influence children behavior and to what extent.

What has been missing in most of this research though is the role of the parent in all these. Actually, the parent forms a huge part of both perspectives. So the question now remains, how much credit or blame do parents deserve for the way we are?

This question can be answered in a lot of ways both positively and negatively. One may argue that parents deserve all the credit and all the blame while others may argue that they deserve some credit and some blame.

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and were involved in their life did better than those whose parents did not involve themselves in their activities. However, some may argue that the above used data do not represent the exact facts on the ground in so far as children development is concerned.

Some children develop well without the presence of parents and some children also go against their parents believes which begs the question just how much is this type of child influenced by his or her parents.

Future research on this topic should focus on the influence that the external environment will have on the child. External environment is here used to describe the outside environment excluding the parents (Yap, 1995).


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