The importance of teaching Phonemic awareness to children

Phonemic awareness to children

The importance of teaching Phonemic awareness to children

It is every parent’s wish for their son/daughter to grow and develop in all aspects normally. A parent is happier when his/her child gets to excel in school and manages to have a successful life. However, the child’s success depends on how he/she is raised by the parents and all other socializing agents in the child’s life. Elementary literacy development is part of a child’s upbringing.

A child’s education system helps raise the question: what is the importance of teaching phonemic awareness to children? The paper shall therefore be addressing the answer to the question in relation to journal articles that have discussed the issue in the recent past. The interest to study phonemic awareness in children started when I met a group of young children who were spending their leisure time playing.

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Elementary literacy development tends to involve children in co-curricular activities such as reciting poems, singing, etc. A child who experiences difficulty in reading or remembering words pronunciation may not enjoy such activities because they tend to fear that other children will laugh at them once they discovered their weaknesses. Such children tend to have low morale.

Parents can also contribute towards elementary literacy development by emphasizing on what the teachers teach the children at school. They can help their children during study time at home and by even encouraging them to have the positive attitude towards learning.

Armbruster, B. B. (2010). Put reading first: The research building blocks for teaching children to read: Kindergarten through grade 3. DIANE Publishing.

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