The Impact of Technology Trends

The Impact of Technology Trends

The Impact of Technology Trends

The Impact of Technology Trends: We are certainly in the center of a business growth and revolution. Technology has a massive force in our lives today. Every day new technologies are developed, led by multinational companies in producing new gadgets, electronics and technologies. Since the beginning of the computer age, new platforms have been invented with consequent changes and attendant to existing solutions for capabilities, performance, user experience, and security. At present there are numerous technology trends including cloud computing, and IT usage. For instance, mobility provides employees with a sense of freedom and employment and lessens the cost of equipment.

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The contemporary society is currently faced with many challenges due to the advancement in technology. Most people are excited by these developments, but few are concerned by these trends. In retrospect, this could mean that businesses will never apply use of cumbersome desktop computers in the offices. With the current trend in technology, marketing data will be generated from multiple sources. In years to come, people will have to learn how to market their concepts and products to various audiences.

Couper, M. P. (2005). Technology trends in survey data collection. Social Science Computer Review, 23(4), 486-501.

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